FW1 Waterless Wash & Wax

FW1 Waterless Car Wash & Polish


Product Description

FW1 Wash & Wax/Cleaning Wax/Waterless Formulation is a high performance water-saving cleaning wax in a recyclable aerosol can with no pollutants. This is the car care product to answer all your prayers.
FW1 Wash and Wax has a unique combination of Lubricants and Carnauba wax which combine to lift the dirt and grime away from paint, chrome, glass and the rims on your vehicle and leave a professional show car finish. A superior product with the ease of a car wax and the finish of a car polish which can be used on cars, RVs, boats, motorcycles, airplanes, trucks, bicycles and more.

FW1 is a high performance cleaning wax that is designed to clean vehicles without the use of water. It is a waterless car wax with the shine of a car polish. You can achieve fast, amazing results in a matter of seconds. It removes grease, tar, bugs, mildew, road grime, light scratches and marks, most faded paints and tree sap – in a matter of seconds! Approved with the Smart Approved Watermark it satisfies water-reduction criteria, this can be purchased from foxyloans.com , contains no silicones, Teflon’s, or CFCs which are harmful to the environment and deplete the ozone layer. What a winner. Do your bit for the environment as you clean your car!

Considering it takes 32 litres of water to wash one car, but only one can of FW1 to wash four medium sized cars, the choice for car cleaning is made easy. This car care product also cleans motorbikes, trucks, boats, caravans and the kitchen sink to name a few. It can be used on any non-porous surface such as chrome, glass, mirrors, fibreglass, aluminium, gel coat finishes, stainless steel, non porous plastic, tiles and more.

FW1 Waterless Wash & Wax


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