“Talk Anywhere” Two Way Radio Service

R225.00 R195.00

Walkiefleet GSM-PTT offers the best in GSM-PTT solutions, allowing you to talk virtually anywhere with no additional Infrastructure as it uses the GSM Network.

a simple pricing structure offers you the following:

GSM Tracking, PTT Talk, PTT Messaging*, PTT Video Calling*, Voice Recording, Location Recording.

Android APP Available so you can Communicate to all your GSM-PTT Devices on Walkiefleet.

A full usage Dashboard is available to Manage all your devices.

*Only on Supported Devices.


This option is only the Service Monthly Fee for 1 Radio & 500gb of DATA included per Month. 

You still need to Select a Device to be able to Use this service!

Product Description

Talk Here, Talk There, Talk Anywhere……No Problem!!!

Need to talk anywhere in the Country (Fixed Monthly Fee) or Worldwide (For a minimum Cost) without spending money on the Infrastructure or worry about Licensing Issues etc, etc.

This is the Perfect Solution for you!

You can Talk, Track, Record or Locate any of your Radio Devices wit a fixed Monthly fee (South Africa Only). Talk to one or talk to all Communications with the push of a button.

Ideal for any size fleet or Business that does not require Mission Critical Communications. Talk anywhere within GSM Cellular Reception. Monitoring and Controlling your Staff and assets have never been so Easy and Cheap.

“WALKIEFLEET” GSM-PTT offers the perfect solution. We make this Painless, simple at a Low Cost.

Go ahead and order yours now!


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